Liposuction (continued)


Laser lipolysis and liposuction can remove excess fatty tissue from the arms. After this procedure, and with the influence of a variety of laser waves, the skin of the arms will contract to show a better cosmetic result.

Excess laxity of the arms may require removal of the skin which can be performed at the same time and under local anesthesia with excellent recovery and results.

Abdomen and Love Handles:

Fatty tissue causing protrusion of the abdominal wall both above and below the navel, can be corrected with liposuction surgery. The state of the art laser lipolysis with Smart Lipo Triplex will melt away the hard and fibrotic fatty tissue when it can be suctioned with ease and homogenously.

Love Handles is a common problem which can be treated in a short period of time with a very quick recovery.


Hips and Saddlebags:

These are the most common anatomical areas that women in particular have complaints about. These deformities can easily be corrected by removal of excess fat under local anesthesia with a quick recovery.



Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) in men occur at any age due to the presence of hard fibro-fatty or fibro-cystic tissue. Laser treatment before liposuction surgery will assist in a more efficient and cosmetically desirable result.


The outer and inner aspects of the thighs are common areas of fatty tissue deposition. These areas can be effectively treated with laser lipolysis and liposuction.